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KISS memories

Posted on 01/22/2013
remember hearing kiss album, '73 on cjom fm, local rock in windsor ont. can. hooked, 18 at the time. 1st saw them fall 73, or maybe it was spring 74, IMA AUDITORIUM, FLINT MICH. opening for the new york dolls, and later in london ont. can. where they were giving a new bar band a break by opening, that band???RUSH! anyway been there all the way, 'cept when the makeup came off, sorry guys, but jumped right back on in 96 and was at TIGER STADIUM. figure i've seen KISS at least 50/60 times, most recently at CAESARS WINDSOR in 09 and 11, which brought it full circle, reminding me of the early years in smaller 4000-7000 seat auds. love you guys, ace and peter too! THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!! duane ivey windsor ont. can.
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