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My story with KISS

Posted on 01/23/2013
My story with KISS It was April 07, 2009, in anhembi show in São Paulo, for my day to day it was impossible to go to the show, but ultimately things worked out! I took the car and drove, parked, everything normal, but still had a journey of some 1000 meters to the anhembi, in the unexpected way, I stepped on a rock that rolled over and sprained my foot, the pain was great, falls in ground for a few minutes, a water seller saw me and brought ice, stood there for a while before getting up, and my girlfriend said, 'Shall we go? said: - No, it's KISS! and went to the ticket, bought the ticket, and we entered, there was no way, I sat on the floor in pain, my ankle swelled much, I could not stand up! I then decided to go to the infirmary, and was attended medical said - I'll call an ambulance to take you to the hospital to see that ankle, something serious happened but I have no equipment here for this type of care, is not it a pity? come here and miss the show! I said: - Why? there are still many hours, and I'll come back to it!, No, she said, will not go, maybe you have to operate! I thought and said, So me something to feel pain and I do not watch the show and then I go to the doctor, she: - I can not. then I said: - You can not? ok, I'll be in pain but I'm on the show, I'm not going anywhere, now you leave me with is in pain or not, you decide, but do not go here! and she applied the medication, I stayed until the end of the show, I confess that everything sparkled more than usual, hehehe, and the next day I could not even step on the floor, went to the hospital and the result: Disruption total ligament of the right ankle, solved only with cirugia reconstruction, I did not, but I did all the treatment, a month without being able to walk! but worth it I do not regret anything!
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