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First Show

Posted on 01/23/2013
Hi! Well, since I discovered KISS was coming out on tour to my country, Brazil, nothing else had space in my mind, in that same day I asked my parents to let me go, but seemed like I asked to kill a priest, they said it was too dangerous that I only would go to a show like this one when I coming of age, after this conversation about 2 days later, I sat my parents and explained all the reasons why I wanted to go, how important it was to me.. and I think I touched their hearts, cause finaly they said yes ! So I bought my tickets and the trip with an agency. At the day of the show, that I thought would be perfect became a trully hell, my trip was a complete test of nerves, everything went wrong, we arrived in São Paulo late, one of my brothers ticket didnt passed in the machine.. But finally, about 7pm my two brothers and I finally got inside the Arena, in that moment we all knew everything was worth it, we had the greatest show in the world. Were tired, sweaty, hungry, but we didnt care, we didnt even noticed that.. And at the end, we looked each other, paralysed, cause we made it..I mean, just words couldnt explain.. And recently I read something that Id like to share, some random guy posted it in some Kiss video I only went to concerts, cause show only Kiss can make' Couldnt be more correct, after that night my perspective of show never was the same. Thanks for everything, Kiss forever !
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