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Posted on 01/23/2013
Thanks to Kiss for putting my letter on Kissonline! I was so thrilled when I saw it that my wife kept telling me to calm down! I just wanted to add a very important part of this story. I died for 11 minutes and was revived on an emergency medivac chopper on my way to Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati. I am so thankful to the surgeon and rescue personnel that allowed me to enjoy so many more memories with family, friends, and KISS!!! i was not supposed to survive when crews came on the scene, but I am glad we have the heros we do in this country. I am an ex Marine myself and was on the 1980 mission in Iran.God was on my side and I believe the rest of my life is gonna be a MONSTER! P.S. God bless Kiss for their work with Wounded Warriors, and thanks for just being KISS!!
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