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Posted on 01/23/2013
Im 48 years old. So to say Kiss has been a major part of my life is an understatement of ridiculous proportions. My first album was Alive! To say it was a life-changing moment might sound odd to outsiders, but within the "Army" Im sure everyone had a similar moment. Through all my life's ups and downs, listening to the band was my place of refuge. As a teenager, I could go to my room and listen to Alive II for example, and forget the angst and frustration we often feel at that age. When things were going well, it was adrenaline-pumping party music. Even today, if I need a "time out", I go to my man-cave and listen to Monster, or any of the other albums. Like any loyal fan I have them all! I've taken my now-grown kids, and will be taking mu grandkids on the Monster tour the next time the band rolls through Texas. I want them to have a similar experience. They are dazzled, But I was hit in the chest with a sledge-hammer in '75, and everything changed forever. However the guys keep doing it, I cant believe they made 40+ years. When I see them, it's as though time has stood still. I never want it to end, but one day the touring will. But what I feel, and how thankful I am to the band will only die when I do. Thank you guys, for making a life-long difference for me.
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