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40 Yrs of KISS

Posted on 01/24/2013
Currently a US Army Soldier serving my 26th year, I can remember seeing the cover of KISS Alive II. The front of the album made you wanna see the back. Something about those pics on the back, pure iconic shots, all. But seeing Gene Simmons and that blood shot, as nasty as it looks, it is awesome! Looks nasty, mean, hateful . . . . . what a captured moment! Now, open that double live album and look at that explosive picture. Enough said. I new I was gonna be a fan before I even heard the music lol The music sealed the deal! From one military veteran to a bunch of rock veterans, thanks for what you have done and continue to do. Oh, and MONSTER is just kick ass . . . . . . . . seriously!! Sincerely, An old Army First Sergeant (1st Air CAV)
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