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Posted on 01/24/2013
I First Fell In Love With Kiss When I Was In 2nd Grade In 1979. My Cousin's Best Friend Who Was In The 7th Grade Had Two KISS 8-Tracks That She Didn't Want Anymore And I Was More Than Happy To Take Them Off Her Hands. If Memory Serves Me Correct I Bought Double Platinum And Rock & Roll Over Off Of Her For $1.00!!!! It Was One Of The Best Investments Of My Life As I Was Instantly Blown Away By The Music That Came From My Stereo Speakers At Home, Which Drove My Parents Nuts BTW :) I Kept Those Two 8 Tracks Until I Had Literally Played Them So Much That They Broke...But Never Fear, By 1983 I Had My First Record Player And Can You Guess The First Recore That I Bought? That's Right...Lick It Up!!!! I Am Now And Forever Will Be A Proud Member Of The KISS Army....Never Stop Rockin!!!!
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