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Show do KISS Brazil

Posted on 01/24/2013
My name is Alex'm Brazilian, São Paulo when I was 15 in 1998 and never heard Kiss season was the return of the original line, by the time I saw the album Psycho Circus was crazy to buy that coat was very nice and identity the characters there, was that not hq, so it was my first job and made a secret friend and asking this cd and I won, I was all day listening this cd was amazing the sound and all the banda was legal since the makeup clothes . My father fought with me because the sound was loud i love it loud reminded of the clip, so everyone thought I weird because I liked Kiss, good luck to them bad they know what they're missing. was there that my passion for the kiss began , was touring in Brazil back in the original lineup I really wanted to go to the show but had no money, thereafter bought all the cds banda fanatic I was in the gallery of rock in Sao Paulo to buy any material from Kiss, that too me influenced my way of being and living freely and always have fun without thinking too much about what others think it rock and roll, even bought a guitar to learn the songs of Kiss.Sonhava one day watch the show because I knew the kiss Kiss was a band that was there because of the fans, had a lot to show in a show, like everyone in the band but Gene and Paul and soul of Kiss always dreamed to know them personally, Paul is amazing and talented and as my inspiration musician and human being always humble guy dream one day to meet him and ask questions about the band and everything, Gene is also a very smart guy and astuto.Bem spent nearly 13 years and was on show on Kiss anhembi in 2012 Monster tour was amazing saw Paul Stanley passing right by my side in tiroleza was unforgettable'll never forget this moment going to tell my kids when I have them. Finally got to see the band live today I am 30 years old but I tell you guys today and Kiss'll be always in my heart, all phases of the kiss in my opinion were excelent not know if everyone would agree more so I was enjoying the comessei banda and I also like a lot of people like my mother, my sister, my wife and amigos.Desejo everyday to you that Paul Stanley has health and strength to continue, and gene banda and also all of you are great in the presentation of Brazil Anhembi São Paulo was expected to have optimal outras.Muito Thanks, a hug from a Brazilian.
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