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40 year addiction

Posted on 01/26/2013
Why does the addiction still grow? KISS fans are like family, we get pissed off when things change within, what we refer to as "OUR BAND". We argue with each other over facts, memorabilia, eras' and anything you could imagine. We are selfish when it comes to our collections, we get emotional when something new happens if we can not afford it at the moment. We sometimes act like spoiled little brats. Then within' the very same breath, we throw each other random gifts and selfless acts of charity and kindness, we are willing to stick up for someone whom we've never "ACTUALLY MET", and we share an uncanny trust in each others beliefs, regardless of if we believe them ourself. We understand the addiction/fanatacism in each other when no one else gets it. 40 years later we are still excitedly awaiting the next release. Why does the addiction still grow? Because a true KISS fan is like a family member waiting just around the corner, when so many others in life come across as fake and distant. The KISS ARMY has givin' me so many chances to meet amazing people over the years, in life and on the net. That I just wanted to thank you all for playing such a role in this fanatics life. I charish you, I thank you, keep rockin' my family, "I UNDERSTAND YOU" !!!
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