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40 Years of KISS

Posted on 01/27/2013
Congratulations on 40 wonderful years! I have been a huge KISS fan from the early days of 1975. My best friend had a 69 Chevy with a 8 track player in it. We went ridding around one day and there it was, KISS ALIVE on 8 track. I put it in and the rest is KISSTORY. I went out and bought the first three KISS albums the next day. It changed my life forever. My Father let me have his old workshop that I turned into a KISS Club. Wall to wall KISS! It was my getaway. I have seen KISS 12 times in concert and two KISS cover bands. I must say KISS has always had the best concerts. I have been to see everyone from AC/DC to ZZ Top. NOBODY puts on a live show like KISS. I am looking forward to # 13 and # 14. I am loving the Sonic Boom and Monster CD's, awesome music. Please keep the new music coming! A double CD with new material would be the ultimate!! Looking forward to the KISSOLOGY Vol. 4 to come out. Thanks for the first 40 years, looking forward to 40 more. Nobody rocks like KISS, Your #1 Fan in Charlotte, John G.
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