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The Timelessness of KISS

Posted on 01/27/2013
This is a quick example I wanted to share regarding the timelessness of KISS: I gave my grandson an older iPod of mine not long ago preloaded with some songs. He came over this weekend for my wife's birthday and was strolling in listening to Led Zeppelin. Then he hit a button and said "Pop Pop, listen to this! It's cool!!" It was "Right Here Right Now" off Monster and we started shaking our butts in the foyer as we traveled down the hall. Then, he flipped to "Love Gun" and then we REALLY started dancing. We were giving each other fist bumps and high fives. He starts pointing at several different posters I have in the area and yells alternatingly at each "KISS", "rock", "yeah", and "cool". As this is all transpiring I thought to myself, "what a moment to be dancing like a goof and playing air guitar with my grandson as I did when I was his age, and as I have been for all these years." This encapsulates the spirit of KISS. It shows how you can go from one song 3 months old to others that are nearly forty and bridge across two generations. NO OTHER BAND HAS THIS AFFECT ON ITS FANS. Thank you KISS for helping me celebrate the highs and push me through the lows over the course of 40 years. Thank you also for a fun-filled evening with my grandson and a common interest that we can share. The encore of the festivities involved the song 'Mr. Speed'. #klassic.
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