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How KISS has impacted me.

Posted on 01/28/2013
Wow! Where do I start? I have been KISS Army since I was introduced to you by my cousin thru your Marvel KISS comic. I was 6 years old and loved superheroes (what 6 year old boy doesn't?). When it was explained to me that you guys were a real rock n roll band, you really breathed fire/spit blood, and that nobody knew what you looked like I was hooked! I picked up ALIVE II shortly thereafter and the rest is KISStory. As a kid I carried my KISS lunchbox to school, got the dolls and plastic KISS guitar as Christmas and Birthday gifts, and glued myself in front of the TV to see KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park. As a teenager I stuck with the band when many left them behind, watched them take off the make up on MTV, bought all the albums, and made it to my first KISS concert in January of 1988 in Pittsburgh. When I realized I didn't have the patience to be the next Gene Simmons on bass you inspired me to become a radio DJ and eventually a Program Director and Station Manager. Over the years I have amassed an entire room of KISS memorabilia (including the Bally KISS pinball machine), been to 22 shows, and have been lobbying for you to get into the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame (as seen in this 2009 picture of me at a show in Atlanta). I even operate a Facebook page asking fans to join me in showing their support to have you inducted as well. KISS has always been there for me throughout my life and I felt it was only fair to always be there for them as well, so I supported you in all stages of your career. Now, 40 years on, I wanted to say thank you and let's get you rightfully into the Hall Of Fame! Jason Burley
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