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special memories

Posted on 01/29/2013
hi gene, im steve i live in melbourne australia, ive just been watching the episode when you visit your family in israel, it brought me to tears, my heart when out to you, i felt close to you reason being i was in a similar position as you, and my father that i missed out on being close to him,and saying the things that i wanted to say deep down, but through me being pig headed never got the chance, i recently have made peace with him, i visited the grave site where my mother is also, and spent half a day just sitting there talking about my life and thinking he was hearing me maybe lol i dont know hopefully he has. watching you approach your fathers grave made me very emotional, and could only imagine what you were going through.god bless you gene,you guysw are coming to melbourne, i hope i can get their , and i will watch you guys and watch you especially gene doing what you do best, warm regards steve melbourne
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