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Tribute and celebration on 40th Aniversary

Posted on 01/29/2013
Hello Kiss! We are a new fictive band, called 2nd Kizz. The number one reason that we exist is because we wanted to pay tribute to the legend, the band, the myth, Kiss and to celebrate your 40th aniversary. Therefore we post this homage of ours right on the day of celebration! We wanted to do it in a special way, so we made this band, "2nd Kizz", and took a lot of inspiration from your amazing artist career and awesome music. Visit our myspace to hear the two songs that we've made with inspiration from the hottest band in the world! More will come, this is just the beginning. More songs will be released in a short period of time. Hope you'll enjoy! We are 2nd Kizz, we are the second best! Our myspace band page with our songs: Thank you, Kiss for everything you are and everything you've done! Best regards, 2nd Kizz
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