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Posted on 01/30/2013
Been a KISS fan, and KISS Army member since early childhood...I'm 40 now so LONG time. I've seen every concert that's been within driving distance to where I've lived, and a few that were way beyond normal driving range. The show that KISS puts on is amazing, and I find myself always comparing EVERY concert I attend to a KISS show. Needless to say, none have ever compared. I, myself, play in a band. I have for years, and you'd think someone like me would know the answer to this question, but sadly I don't. I need help, and the only ones I know can answer this is...well, the masters of the stage...KISS. As frontman for my band, it's my responsibility to do most of the talking with the audience, fill in time between songs, etc... When we play in front of a large crowd, and the crowd is really into the music, I also get really into it and have NO problem keeping up the necessary chatter and such. On the opposite end of the spectrum...when we play a club or venue that doesn't have a big crowd and/or they are indifferent to what the band says or does... then I seem to fail. If they're not into the show/band...then my stage presence declines fast. SO, any advice the guys may have to help me stay active and pumped when the "crowd goes mild" would be greatly appreciated!! Thank You, KISS for ALL that you've given us fans!!
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