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Posted on 01/30/2013
Thanks for existing, for always, never let me down, always with me since I saw and heard. Your first melody in my ears was eternal, grew became love in a sense getting bigger. At all times in every emotion in every pain or joy. Although sometimes we do not agree, love was more and became more intense. Always with me helping each effort to double platinum , gold , silver seas multiple etc…. AND WITH WHAT YOU LIKE MOST RAP ROCK JOY AND UP ALL NIGHT AND EVERY DAY AND THE BEST WAY YOU SALE. KISS THANKS FOR THESE 40 YEARS OF YOUR MUSIC AND ALL WHO ARE OR WERE PART OF THIS GREAT FAMILY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ( in the photo with my Daughter Yamila , Nov 7 2012 . River Plate Stadium ,Buenos Aires , Argentina )
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