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40 years!

Posted on 01/30/2013
Thank you for these 40 years, although I have ‘’lived’’ only the last 17, you guys were always there in good times, congratulations to you ‘cause KISS have changed my life forever, I have to say kiss will always be the best, you guys are fantastic ... I've been in Rio de Janeiro’s KISS Concert, and waited to stand face to face with you, and when the concert started ... I started to cry and could not stop… When Paul looked at me and made a face that "Don’t cry!"… Was at this time that I cried more and more... One month later, at home watching some KISS videos on youtube, I watched the São Paulo’s KISS concert, where many of my friends were and I could not attend, I could only attend in Rio... Finally, just watch the video and I started to cry again, I'm so addicted to you guys, what can I do?! I'm listening to the new album day and night, whenever I can, ‘cause without doubt Monster is addictive. I have a tattoo of KISS logo on my left wrist, which appeared on the big screen at Rio’s concert (!) And intend to do more tattoos in tribute to KISS! You guys will always be in our hearts and our minds, as the hottest band in the world. I would like to show to you and to the KISS Army some of my collection of KISS CDs and vinyl records, ‘cause the entire collection would not fit in a single photo! As I'm also addicted to Monster increasingly addicted to KISSology mainly in KISSology vol 2, and expecting a KISSology vol 4! Kisses and once again thank you... and come back to Brazil! :* ^.^
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