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KISS Is Everywhere

Posted on 01/31/2013
Artist Uses Kittens to Recreate Classic Album Covers As a musician, a co-founder of a record label and a vintage poster dealer, New York-based artist Alfra Martini is a woman of many musical trades. But in her downtime, the cat owner uses kittens as her muse to recreate classic album covers, and the result is rather entertaining. She first came up with the idea for her website, The Kitten Covers, while she was at home sick in bed, looking at old, iconic album covers online with her cat. She noticed the graphic, exaggerated style of art in the album covers, and immediately had a vision of David Bowie as a kitten. (She thinks the idea came to her thanks to Theraflu, being a huge Bowie fan, and cuddling up with her cat). After her first photoshopped David Bowie cover, she continued with more so-called “Kitten Covers,” never imagining how popular they would become.
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