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Posted on 02/04/2013
Hi there! My name is Geir Arne Dale and I play drums for and manaage Norwegian classic rock band Humbucker. I`ve been a huge Kiss fan since 1977 and the reason why our record `R.O.C.K.S` has got the awesome reviews worldwide it has got, is Kiss! We have just done exactly the same as Kiss! That is we have done it all cooler than the rest. We hired cooler studio, cooler producer, cooler mixer and cooler designer. The result being that people and critics are picking up on it and understanding what it`s all about: Doing it the best way you possibly can! I`ve read tons of interviews, biographys and watched lots of Kiss behind the scenes-videoes through the years and paying attention to that leaves you with knowledge that you don`t get anywhere else! You can use 30 years to find out for yourself or you can pay attention to what the big boys have done and copy that to the level that you`re at! I strongly recommend the latter!:-) Thanks for being such a big inspiration and for showing me the way it should be done! Would be awesome if you would upload our latest musicvideo on your news section. It`s called `The Way I Am` and it has a very clear Kiss namecheck in it. I even through in a Shock Me drum-start there to show even more what it`s about. And listening to the lyrics, I think most people will hear they`re very `Gene-inspired`:-) Thanks for being such a big inspiration for so long and for still keep on inspire us! Cheers from Norway!! Best Geir Link to `The Way I Am`:
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