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Ernesto Gonzalez

Posted on 02/06/2013
Hi , my name is Ernesto Gonzalez , and I got 17 years old , and , Paul , gene , eric or tommy , maybe they can not read this but , KISS is the best band in the world , kiss change my life man , i love kiss with my soul , and the day when kiss was in chile on maquinaria fest , i saw my favorite band... and , was a dream come true , but i only cant realize one dream that day , the meet & greet , i was so sad , because only the people who got more money only they have the possiblity to speak with kiss , a photo , and maybe an autograph, i wish had Money , be millonarie to make my dreams come true , but that is imposible , thanks for all , i love kiss and , greetings from chile Long Live to the best Band of the world.
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