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How KISS and Metal changed my life

Posted on 02/19/2013
To Fans and members (If you are listening.) I am only ten and I am obsessed with bands such as KISS, Motley crue, Motorhead, Iron maiden and Pantera. I have been forced not to to listen to most of the bands I listen to. I can't see you guys on March 3rd at Adelaide just because of where to stay and tickets. If there was any way to get there It would be the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I think Metal and Hard rock are probably the strongest music genre. I have watched Detroit Rock City many times and I just get enough of the most amazing band to rise, KISS. You won't find a trace of metal in the small town I live in. I am on the trail to getting into the Kiss army. Some of the kids I know like to judge me because I like the devil's music. Why judge people just because of their lifestyle. I can't get enough of your songs such as Love gun and Freak. I would have to say that kiss are my heroes and I just want to be like them. I have only got two albums and I know that isn't enough. I've tried everything to be like a rockstar such as growing my hair long and practicing air guitar on the front porch. It is my dream to see Kiss and I'll do anything if I somehow get there and see my heroes I don't how I'll control myself. I plead you to respond and let me see that my heroes have heard me speak.
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