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A true KISS ARMY Soldier and Fan

Posted on 02/22/2013
Dear KISS My name is alex and i am 4 years old. my dad introduced me to you guys by showing me your reunion tour DVD set. ever since then i liked watching you guys. I even have a play guitar and a microphone and stand and i have my dad put on the videos and i jam with you guys. my favorite videos are COLD GIN, NEW YORK GROOVE and GOD OF THUNDER!!! My dad took me to my first concert in San Diego on 08-12-12. It was amazing. After you complete your world tour in 2013 i hope you guys come back through CA. i would really love to see you guys dad says we might even get a meet and greet if you do!! I hope so!!! A true KISS ARMY Soldier and FAN!! Alex R.
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