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Posted on 02/22/2013
i have been a fan for over twenty years. now my eight year old is really into you guys and is allways asking questions and going through my kiss colection. on my wedding day my sisterinlaw even made me a gene simmons cake. just wanted to say the last time you wear in Calgary Alberta (November 12th 2009) i was sitting in the 3rd row beside the stage and it was one of my greatest nights of my life. i also saw you guys and aerosmith in chula vista CA on october 16th 2003 (coors amphitheatre) and that was great probley because living in Calgary my hole life we dont have many out door concerts. Heard a roomer you might be comming back to calgary in the summer. I hope so because i would love to take my son to a kiss concert. Keep rockin Noel
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