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Me as Gene

Posted on 02/27/2013
Hi fellow KISS freaks, I've been a KISS fan for about 35 years, so when Caltex Starmart recently held a competition to win meet and greet tickets, I naturally had to enter. The theme to the contest was to be photographed holding a KISS ice block, while doing your best KISS impersonation. This was my entry, I hope you like it. Unfortunately, I was not the winning entry for my state, that went to fellow KISS Army Australia member Jack Shaw (whose pic can be seen on the news page). I was a little disappointed with not winning, but couldn't think of a more deserving winner than Jack. He is only young and absolutely loves KISS. Anyway,it's only a little over a week away 'til the first Sydney show and I, for one, can't wait. It'll be my daughter's first ever KISS concert. Life for her will never be the same again! Rock on m/ Rob
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