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Dressed to Kill

Posted on 03/02/2013
Dear Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric My wife Bev, sons Tim and Nathan, their friend Chad and I all went to the first 40th anniversary show on Thursday in Perth. We'd been waiting with anticipation for the hottest band in the world to play the hottest show on Earth - and it was definitely hotter than hell! The boys and I were so excited about seeing you again that we hit the streets in full KISS makeup ... and suits - what better way to celebrate the night but to be dressed to kill! We drove to the train station with cars almost running off the road. Trains pulled into the station - one guy was so amazed he even licked the window. On the train, people asked for our photographs (to which we obliged). Walking through Perth to the Arena, people asked for photographs. At the concert, people asked us for photographs - one lady behind us said "this is the closest I'll ever get to having a photo with KISS!" People congratulated us and shook our hands - "Thank you sir!" was one fan's comment. For a few hours, we lived the KISS life - what a high - an experience we'll never forget - because of the close-knit family of fans you guys have created across the globe. My son Tim turns 18 on 19 March - what a fantastic way to celebrate his milestone (he's dressed as The Spaceman). My other son Nathan is The Catman, Chad (Tim's mate) is The Demon and I am The Starchild. My wife Bev wanted to dress up too but being the perfect Mum, put the boys first (so ran out of time) - but she too was so excited before, during and after the show. From all of us, thank you for a Monster night. Happy 40th - "WE (STILL) WANT KISS!!!"
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