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Thank You For An Epic Time In Melbourne

Posted on 03/07/2013
Hey KISS! Firstly, I would like to say a massive thanks for coming to Melbourne. Seeing you guys perform was a big thing for me last night. From seeing you on covers of vinyls and DVDs nothing compared to the epic live show. Luckily, we (my mum and brother) got the tickets to the destroyer zone early, that topped the expericne. middle front and centre! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all of you lowered down playing one of my favourites "Detroit Rock City" It made the wait worth while. And concluding it with the encore of "Lick It Up" was a great conclusion. When the concert finished... I still wanted to hear some more tunes being rocked out (especially "Who wants to be lonely"). Even considering driving back home with two hours of sleep to compete in a swim carnival the next day. Being fourteen, unfortunately I wasnt around to experience the "KISSmania" in 1980 when you guys came to the land of Aus for the first time. From the concert footage on KISSology DVD, I could sense how awesome it would have been to experience the mystery of not knowing who these four guys looked like without make-up. I first heard of KISS in 2003 when my mum put on the "Rock and Roll Over" vinyl on record and played it. I just remember hearing the opening of "I want you" and just being blown back thinking "wow, this is just amazing!". And "rock and roll over" is still my favourite album to this day... In a tie with love gun, Asylum, KISS, Dressed To Kill and Animalize. I don't know honestly, what I'd be doing right now if I hadn't discovered KISS. I suppose, I wouldn't be learning bass and guitar (recently bought a Washburn PS1800!) and collecting your vinyls, action figures and listening to your songs on shuffle 24/7. I just want to say a huge thank you! For being there for me to listen to and role models to look up to (my dream career is to become a lead guitarist in a successful band) and hopefully will be able to see you all live again and listen to some more new material! --Questions 1. At what point did you think KISS had become a really successful band? 2. @ Paul: What is your favourite song and album? 3. @Tommy: where would you think Black and Blue would be if you were with them now? 4. @Gene: Favourite place to tour? 5.@ Eric: Who are your main inspirations? 6. Your least favourite album and why? 7. Do you think Vinnie Vincent had an impact on the band with the movement of music? 8. Tips to get into a successful band? Another big Thank You KISS! Sam. :)
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