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Posted on 03/12/2013
Hey guys, my six year old nephew is a fan of you since 3 and a half years (it´s true!). He knows most of your lyrics (his favourites are: lick it up, calling dr. love, black diamond and detroid rock city). It is kind of hard driving in the same car with him, while hearing these songs over and over again. His biggest whish since he was a really little boy was to climb the highest tower in Germany, hoping to be able see you guys in the USA from there. And now you are for one single gig in Germany and I´m wondering if its healthy and safe enough for a six year old to visit the concert-which would be the first concert of his live. He would come to Berlin with his godfather who tought him how awesome your music is. Best greetings (and hoping for an answer): Christine for Aaron
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