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The Hottest Crew On Earth!

Posted on 03/12/2013
Hello KISS! This past summer I saw you guys for the third time. I went all in and did the Meet and Greet/Soundcheck package. I've always admired the band for what you all stand for and I always will. I have also always been interested with the technical Side of shows I've been to. I've taken note of every stage KISS has toured with..quiz me I'll know it! Earlier this week I was showing some friends some pictures from the summer concert and I had forgotten how many I took of the awesome crew! I have always wondered how it feels to work long hours to put on a show every night, touring the world, etc.. I feel like the crew has the same amount of pressure that the band does- of course it's never shown, true professionals! So here's a collage of some crews I snapped during the meet and greet! Thanks for doing what you do KISS every night you give it all! To your Crew amazing job! Some day I hope they have a crew meet and greet! If the crew ever gets a break! Here's to the Road Crew!
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