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KISS Rocked Melbourne

Posted on 03/14/2013
Hi Guys Just wanted to let you know a quick one.... you guys absolutely rocked Melbourne last week! Last time I came down to see you was the Symphony concert with the MSO 10 years ago. As I found out last Tuesday, you guys are getter a helluva lot better with age. Since I didn't know when you were coming back I drew some pics (see sample) and had them laminated to pass on to you as a thank you gift for the last 40 yrs. Unfortunately the intelligent staff at Etihad Stadium failed to pass them on to you, so I've arranged for them to return the drawings to me. Could you please advise of a proper postal address in the USA so I can post these to you as a token of my sincere gratitude. Keep punching, boys! Regards, Glen Hall KISS ARMY Australia Shepparton, VIC, AU
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