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Gret concert

Posted on 03/15/2013
Hi guys, I had the opportunity to see you for the Escondido time last Sunday night, both times have been at all phones arena. This time went with a girlfriend from work and some other friends, and we rocked all night. Gene it was my friends birthday on Sunday and the tickets were a surprise foe her, she shares her birthday with your lovely wife. The first time I saw you was back on 2004, and I was by myself standing right at the front I thought my dreams had come true. I have loved you guys since 1975, when I was in primary school, and it hasn't faltered. I even watch "Family Jewels" and feel like I have gotten to see the real Gene Simmons, you have a beautiful family Gene and your wife is one hell of a woman, I wish that I could be as strong as what she has been. I'm in awe of her and her strength. I hope that you get the chance to come back over here and visit us again. Once again thank you for being the band that you are and making the music that has brought smiles to millions of faces over the world.
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