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Tribute to KISS

Posted on 03/25/2013
My tribute to my favorite rock band of almost 30 years. Since the first time I heard Strutter & Detroit Rock City, I was hooked. KISS has inspired me to play music in my life and continue to inspire me in life with their "give it all you've got, go for it" attitude. After all these years, I feel they've released their best two back to back albums ever, with Sonic Boom and Monster. Their live shows are better now than ever, you truly get "The Best" with a KISS concert. It's also great to see all they do for wounded warriors, music programs, starving children and other charities. I'll never forget the Sonic Boom tour and the Pledge of Allegiance. Looking forward to seeing Paul preach the gospel or rock-n-roll and some live "Monster" at least one more time in 2013! Sincerely, Kevin @ The Wall of Sound
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