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Eric Singer Unique Early Video Performance

Posted on 03/28/2013
Greetings fellow KISS Army members! I just converted this from an old video I have and added it to YouTube. I' have not seen this one surface really yet so I thought it was about time. Here's the brurb I wrote and the link... Neil "Gido-Blaster" Gido From the mid 1980s before joining KISS, drummer Eric Singer appeared with Brenda Holiday in this Girls Of Rock & Roll video. This is one of Eric's 1st professional appearances. Eric Singer also played many years with Alice Cooper, also with Black Sabbath, Queen's Brian May, Lita Ford, Badlands, Gary Moore, Avantasia, ESP (Eric Singer Project,) and appearances with many more artists. Then in 1989 he did Paul Stanley's solo tour and became a KISS family member since. He later recorded KISS Revenge in 1991 and joined the band. Eric also sings lead vocals with KISS on "All For The Love Of Rock & Roll" from their 2012 Monster album, on "All For The Glory" from their 2009 Sonic Boom album, plus "Black Diamond" from the 2008 Japan re-recordings album. Enjoy this unique gem from Eric's early career.
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