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Easter KISS Dreams from Lion67

Posted on 04/01/2013
Hello Paul, Gene, Eric Singer & Tommy, I hope you guys have a nice eastern with your Families & Friends ! I wish you all the best and hope that you do 2013 or 2014 more dates in Germany. I also saw Alice Cooper some days ago here in German-TV...and I thought: Aerosmith/KISS-Tour was a great idea, KISS/MÖTLEY was a step better than Aerosmith/KISS......and a KISS/COOPER-Tour, or some special Concerts would be great too ! I still dream of Solo-Albums from the MONSTER-Line-up & a Videoclip-Edition on Blu Ray/DVD with ALL videoclips from COM ON & LOVE ME/ROCK & ROLL ALL NITE to I from I LOVE IT LOUD 1982 to ROCK & ROLL ALL NITE (Exposed-Version) to I LOVE IT LOUD-1993 (ALIVE III-Version), MTV-Unplugged-Outtake for Promo (U think it was SURE KNOW SOMETHING...?) to SHOUD IT OUT LOUD 1996, Psycho Circus TV & 3-D-Edition & Modern Day Delilah and I hope still for one from MONSTER ! By the Way: On MONSTER are only GREAT SONGS, I LOVE THEM......and my fave of the fave is: TAKE ME DOWN BELOW.........can't wait for the next studio-album......ALIVE V, SYMPHONY 2 and maybe UNPLUGGED II, this time in your Monster-Look and Peter & Ace as Special Guest in their Destroyer-1976 look for four songs....and I have discuss another idea in a KISS-Forum...and some have said:"That would be cool": KISS MY ASS II, this time with Bands like Metallica, Alice Cooper, Edguy or Edguy's Tobias, Aerosmith, Mtley Crüe, Motorhead, Doro, Die Toten Hosen, Sebastian Bach, Rammstein, Twisted Sister, Thin Lizzy, Scorpions and a Remaster-Rerelease of KISS MY ASS, this time with the Space-Make-Up and UNHEILIG from DIE ÄRZTE on the US-Edition....Dreams of a fan....I know....oh: ZZ-TOP & KISS on Doubleheadliner-Tour would be cool too and a PLAYBOY-"thing" like 1999 would be also great......I know you are not that young anymore to do as much as in the beginning, but I see you don't want retire, and maybe the one or other chance of my dreams (and I know I am not alone who wants more & more) come true........KISS 4EVER & EVER ! I LOVE YOU GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings from Germany
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