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KIss are my life!!!

Posted on 04/04/2013
Hello, everyone! Sorry my bal English, but...let`s go!! My name is Sabrina, I'm 34, I am Brazilian, I live in the city of Passo Fundo, in Rio Grande do Sul and Kiss is already part of my life for at least 20 years. The scene of my adolescence was staying home with my friends after school listening to the LP `s Kiss and talking about the lyrics and the songs! I grew up, spent adolescence, and behold I saw a guy on a course that stopped my world! In the course of the evening we had a costume party ... After an exchange of withering glances, behold, the phone rings and my room was "this guy" for help with the makeup of his costume. To my (happy) surprise, he was wearing The Demon!!! Maquiei him with his arm trembling with emotion ... Sure we kissed, dated, got married, and we are together today!! The Cris is the love of my life!! In our life, KISS was always present cradling our love at all times ... even in the most terrifying ... as the discovery of breast cancer in 2009 and now in 2012 a bone metastasis who even prevented us from seeing the show in Porto Alegre, due to the chemotherapy ... The battle is being big and strong, but I'm well supported with the love of my life, with muuuuita strength and joy of good music coming from you!! Just wanted to tell you guys, you guys are awesome!!! Love you too!! Praise the rock `n roll and the gods of music always protect you!!!! Kisses
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