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KISS Meet and Greet .. Duetting with Gene

Posted on 04/11/2013
Dear KISS and the KISS Army. I thought I would share my KISS Meet and Greet experience during the recent Australian Monster Tour. I had been pondering the idea of purchasing the Meet and Greet Package for some time in the lead-up to the Australian Monster Tour. It turned out the Meet and Greet Packages sold out very quickly, so once a second show in Sydney was announce, I jumped at the chance in purchasing this package. Having been a fan for over half my life, I had seen KISS live 9 times, met members of the band throughout the years, but never had the opportunity to meet them in their makeup. On the night of the second Kiss concert in Sydney, myself and the other Meet and Greet-ers were taken to a room where KISS would perform their acoustic set. While the band was performing Sure Know Something, Eric Singer pointed me out, and motioned for myself to sing part of the song. Singing on Gene's microphone, it was such a surreal experience to actually be singing with KISS performing. As the song progressed through the guitar solo, I found myself sharing the microphone with Gene Simmons..singing the 'aahh' break-down from after the guitar solo back into the chorus!! I never would have imagined to be duetting with Gene Simmons - A moment in my life which I will always remember. During the autograph session, I had each band member autograph their respective platform boot, and the KISS concert topped off an amazing night. My photo with KISS in their make-up will be proudly displayed in my lounge-room along with their autographed platform boots, and my week of KISS (seeing them twice in Melbourne and twice in Sydney) will be never forgotten. I would highly recommend the Meet and Greet Package to any fans on the remaining Monster Tour. It was such an incredible experience Thank you KISS for the amazing memories, and we hope to see you in Australia again soon! Caveman
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