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KISSssss thiiisss

Posted on 04/14/2013
Im an 18 year old girl living in niagara falls, ontario. I have been listening to kiss since I was 9 years old. Ive always loved the rock and roll, and the makeup and the outfits! My whole room is plastered with kiss stuff from posters to belts and action figures, and I have a portrait of gene simmons on my leg which I attached above ^. I came and saw you guys in Toronto at the molson ampitheatre with motley crue, and you guys rocked the stadium just like always! I was checking out the meet and greet packages for when you guys vome back in july two weeks after my birthday, and im hoping thats what ill be getting, because thats what I asked for, because I would die to meet you guys. Everyone probably says that, but I seriously would probably pass out haha. But hopefully ill be at the show because you guys never come down here, I had a heart attack in septembet when I heard about the show. You guys are legend, and I love you all! -Michaela :)
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