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How Much Important You Are Guys

Posted on 04/15/2013
Hi KISS, I'm a Portuguese fan, and I know your first unmasked concert was here in Portugal in 83, but unfortunately I wasn't born in that time, but I hope and one of my biggest dreams is going to a KISS concert (here in Portugal at first). You're very important to me, because of you I started to listen to good music, like Thrash and Death Metal. You are the greatest band ever! My first KISS song that I heard was I Was Made For Loving You and I loved so much that I went searching for you guys, and know I love KISS, and God Of Thunder and Strutter are my favourites KISS songs. I listen to you guys since I was 10, and know I'm 16, I still love KISS, and you are my favourite band, so come to Portugal again, please. Oh I play, in a Alternative Rock band, I hope you check it And Rock on guys, you are very important to me and I hope one day we can drink some Cold Gin, ah ah.
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