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Favorite KISS Comic

Posted on 04/18/2013
Hey KISS! I want to talk to you about one of your old comic books and that's KISS Greatest Hits Vol. 1 which is also my fav comic book I've read so far. It's awesome, has some humor in it, and is printed with your blood...instead of Eric's and Tommy's. But it's still my fav! Just so you know, I don't luv it just because it has your blood in it, I luv it regardless because it's that awesome! A ton of people at my school say that it was gross and disgusting that the red ink in the pages is mixed with your blood. I'd say "Screw you" or "Well your boy bands give little kids nightmares because they're that ugly, gross, and disgusting" or "I'd like to see any pop band of yours go up against KISS".My brother hates the fact that superheros such as Thor, Captian America, Iron Man, etc. are in the, as he'd call it, "junk". I would ignore him. You know how 17 - yr- old brothers are with their "Marvel and DC Nation comics obsession". For this comic book, I had to spend my last $50 bill to take it home. But it was so worth it! I'm in love with that book and I'm in love with KISS and always will be! ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE KISS AND PARTY EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!
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