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Posted on 04/25/2013
We are proud to celebrate our 29th Anniversary. In our 29 years of KISS fan club Kissfever Argentina is proud to say that we do 21 numbers of our first KISS magazine call KISS in color, we print from 1984 to 1986, we print do in the time that in Argentina say KISS was a bad word, when in the media say that KISS are satanics and kill chicks on stage, we print the true with all the media and tv in counter. We produce 45 numbers of our second KISS magazines call KISSFEVER. For the economic situation in argentina we can´t still print. KISS FEVER was recognized in the Hot in the Shade album as a Argentina fan club. In 1994 we meet the band and Gene send us every week faxes with the news of the band. We proude made the first KISS convention in Latin America, we made just to bring the fans the video cd, photos of the band. We produce 3 KISSconvention with Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer and UNION (Bruce band). In time of the Internet we have a site and we are in the Facebook, we give from 1984 all the news about the band and ex members. We still with the KISS Army in Argentina. WE ARE PROUDE THE KISS ARMY.
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