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Elvis Tribute Artist and KISS Fan !

Posted on 04/28/2013
My name is Alan, I'm 22 and I'm an Elvis tribute artist since years but also a big KISS fan since a long time. I really like Paul Stanley and his incredible vocal range, way to sing, move. KISS is not only an amazing band but the greatest ! Anyway, I could spend hours to say all the good thing that I think about KISS and everything they have given over the years to rock music. I was always wondering what Elvis was thinking about KISS. Probably that they were really something outta this world ! They finished what Elvis started ! I'm writting you to share with you our cover of " Wouldn't Like To Know Me " we are an internet collaboration band. I really hope you'll enjoy rendition and I hope I'll be able to shake the hand of Mr. Stanley one day. Sincerly, Alan.
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