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Dutch KISS tribute, and their fans!

Posted on 05/01/2013
Hello KISS! Last monday, the last Queensday in the Netherlands (we have a king now), Dutch KISS tribute band Kiss Lickss performed in a local bar. Being big KISS fans, we decided to dress up as our favourite KISS members to go see the show. The band loved it, and we took pictures afterwards. Eugene, dressed as Gene Simmons said to one of the members of Kiss Lickss: You are Kiss Lickss, I have KISS Chicks! From left to right, with make up: Eugene, Andre (Kiss Lickss), Dana, Jacco (Kiss Lickss), Yaika, Mauri (Kiss Lickss), Robbert (Kiss Lickss) and me. Also in the picure some local KISS fans :)
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