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ANNELIE - A film like a song of KISS

Posted on 05/10/2013
We are getting a hint from the universe as the premiere of our movie ANNELIE is going to take place in Zurich the same evening, KISS is giving a concert at the “Hallenstadion”. You may ask where the link is? The tickets for a KISS-concert are the running gag of the movie, which ends fairytale-like, when KISS are holding a legendary concert for a bunch of society’s outcasts. Except of the KISS-ending, the movie is based on a true story. It is the real inhabitants of a former boarding house called ANNELIE, Alkies, Junkies and smalltime crooks, who played themselves in the film. This makes ANNELIE to be more than only a movie - it is a social issue and sets a spotlight to social injustice. (Trailer: The coincidence with the 20th of June, gives you the unique opportunity to make a movie become true! Imagine the real KISS showing up at the premiere party of an underground film… you would fulfill the dream of many people and especially those of the ANNELIE-family, who are real KISS-fans, but could never afford a ticket to one of your shows. In any case, we will make sure, that there is beer and bratwurst for everybody! Please let us know!! All the best Zoé
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