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Halifax NS Canada 2013

Posted on 05/21/2013
Dear Gene, I am very happy to have tickets for this years concert on August the 1st. I did have tickets to see you when you were here a couple years ago, on the commons, but wasn't able to attend. I was so excited to come see you! At that point in time the H1N1 virus was going around and I was one of the lucky few to catch it. I stayed in bed for days trying to nurse myself back to health but it didn't work. Five days after I became a confirm case of swine flu, I was admitted to the hospital with very low blood pressure and oxygen levels. By the end of my first night in the hospital I was on life support. It was a day before your concert and it was all I could think about. From my "death bed" I pleaded with the doctors to let me sign myself out to allow me to attend the concert. I promised to return as soon as it was over but I wanted to see KISS play before I died, and since they were telling me that could happen they should let me go. After I pulled out all of the tubes and tried to get out of the bed, because I was coming to see you, the doctors had it with me. They sedated me, all the while I was asking to be wheeled to a wing of the hospital where I could at least hear the music. I woke up a few days later, annoyed! I knew I had missed the concert and I was so sad. My fiance promised that if you ever came back I could go. I am over the moon about coming to see you in August at the Metro Center!!!!!!! I know that it will be an amazing show and a life long dream, for myself, fulfilled. This letter is to Thank the band for returning to Halifax. I can't wait to see and hear you!!!! Sincerely Amanda Long p.s. The only way I will miss this is if I'm dead, I won't be going to the hospital this time.
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