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Dave Marsh

Posted on 05/22/2013
Since it appears Dave Marshes contact page is either not working correctly or he turned it off because of all the negative feedback he gets I am pasting what I want to send him. Hope everybody likes it and joins me in this crusade. HHHHMMMMM let me see. I hear the word is you are behind KISS not getting inducted to the So called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? WTF is your problem? Is it just because you don't like them and you use the so called "power" you have as to who gets in or not? Well I can tell you a few things. 1st Off, most of the people you have inducted either don't deserve it or aren't even rock and roll. Yeah I said it. Let me see who is coming up. Donna Summers. How is she rock and roll? I really want to know? I am not say anything bad about her but again she isn't rock and roll. She is more pop/motown than anything. Let's see here again...ah Public Enemy definitely isn't rock and roll. I am not sure where you get you information from or how you define rock and roll but it isn't correct one bit. Out of all the inductees Heart and Rush are the closet to rock and roll. Did you get hit one too many times in the head or something? In 2012 the only one that meets the criteria of getting inducted is GNR. Really dude. You need a lesson in what music is and about who sings what. 2011 Alice Cooper. 2010 Genesis if at all. 2010 Metallica. Come on now. Run DMC? Nothing against them but that aren't rock and roll. I am sure I can keep going down the list but I hope you are getting the idea? I am not sure how many great musician you have snubbed over the years but it is way too many. Way too many. For this your are perceived as a moron by the many fans who believe you are definitely wrong. I can honestly say that if you ever learn that great groups like KISS, Ozzy, Manowar, Iron Maiden to mention a few should be inducted before it is way too late i would honor all of the great bands out there that think the so called rock and roll hall of fame isn't really what it is meant to be. For that I hope all of the greats out there snub you when realize what you did. As a fan of many great really great bands I personally would and never will visit a crook like the so called rock and roll hall of shame. And to think you have the nerve and audacity to ask for contributions. you should be ashamed of yourself. I have to spit on that funny thought.
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