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Meeting Gene

Posted on 05/24/2013
Last year,I got to meet Gene and the boys,something which I had waited for for over 30 years.I've always been a big KISS fan,but Gene's part of the show just did it for me.I loved the blood,the tongue,all of it.So a few months before the September 18th concert in Scranton,I got my first tattoo,and of course,it had to be Gene.I wanted to show it to him,but was in such awe of the man,I completely forgot about it.He was such a good guy,nice,polite,and even took a minute to pose for this pic with myself and my wife.After they were done with their acoustic set,he walked over to my wife,made a gesture to have her hold her hand out,and gave her the pic that he used.She was sooooo happy.It's amazing how such a small gesture could go a long way like it did.It was a memorable night,and one that I know I will NEVER forget! Thanks to KISS,and especially Gene,your the BEST!
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