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"The Pre Party" KISS Kruise III

Posted on 05/26/2013
Hi KISS... Were organizing "The Pre Party" For The Kiss Kruise III, In support of Sophie's Place - Created by SOPHIE TWEED SIMMONS, Sophie's Place is focused on providing specialized services to physically, mentally or sexually abused children up to age 18 in a child-friendly setting. WE PROMISED YOU THE BEST AND YOU GOT THE BEST!! THE HOTTEST TRIBUTE BAND IN THE WORLD: MR. SPEED!!!! Voted the World's Best Tribute to KISS in 2012 by members of KISS Themselves!! (And you're NEVER gonna get a better thumbs up than the one from Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer!!) Special Guests: KISSKRUISE II's very own THE No.13's!!! In a world where imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, few bands have as devoted a following as KISS. With nearly 20 years of experience under their spandex MR. SPEED continues to forge ahead writing their own chapter in KISStory! With a show combining a lot of the elements that are reminiscent of a KISS performance, and enough hits to go double platinum MR. SPEED brings you back to a time when lips everywhere were coming together in unison to welcome the hottest band in the world! October 27th! 7PM- 3AM!! MR SPEED BRINGS THE THUNDER TO WILL CALL MIAMI!! CAPACITY IS LIMITED TO 1000 PEOPLE!! GAMES! FOOD! DRINKS! RAFFLES! GIFT BAGS!Two GREAT bands, one UNFORGETTABLE night!!! "The Pre Party" is Hosted by "KISS KRUISE MANIACS" Facebook Group and Co-Hosted By "KISS NAVY", "KISS KRUISERS III" and "KISS ARMY NATION" Facebook Groups - We United are ONE
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