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From Life To Death, A Love Of KISS.

Posted on 05/26/2013
This Letter Is To Gene, KISS has been in my life since i was born. my dad told me i would rather watch a live kiss concert on the TV than watch cartoons. As Little as my dad was around and as little as i knew him he was the biggest KISS fan i knew. our life story of knowing each other is a sad one, He passed away early 2009, after only getting to know him the best i could for 2 months. As shown In the Picture, My Dad Loves KISS So Much He Has It Carved Into His Head Stone. There Were Many Thing I Never Got To Do with my dad. Going to a KISS concert together was definitely one of them. I Was Completely Heart Broken When i missed you guys in Abbotsford BC. And Now that you guys are coming back to Vancouver i hope to not miss this for the world! i would just like you to know gene that i love you, my dad loved you, you are an amazing person. as much as he didnt like your reality show, i personally love family jewels. It Would be an insane honour to meet you and the band, but watching you guys perform on stage, with my dads ashes close by my heart, that for now will keep me happy enough. i have to say honestly, you guys are the ONLY band i want to see live, i couldn't care about any of those other lame pop stars. KISS is the one and only show i want to see, i want to see all the flames and real rock and roll! "you wanted the best! you got the best! the hottest band in the world, KISS! ;D" thank you gene, paul, anyone for taking the time and reading my letter. i love you guys, your the greatest creation of life =P
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