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I was made for lovin' KISS... !

Posted on 05/29/2013
The first time when I heard KISS is when I had just 4... 5 years... ? Sometimes my parents listened it, but in my childhood I didnt knew the name "KISS"... This year, I'm 16. I have discovered KISS when I read one article in Wikipedia of my idol Joey Jordison. I saw that he very loved KISS, I just knew the name, I think I had never heard, so I decided to listen it ! My first song was "Love Gun", and then I listened it again and again and everytime ! And I have listen " I was made for lovin' you "... It remember me my childhood, I'm sure I had already heard it ! And it did it for a lot of others songs... It remember me the old time, and make me happy everyday. Before to go at the school, every morning, I listen The Best Kissology and thats "Calling Dr.Love" which wakes me up ! At 6:AM I'm smiling already ahah ! Nobody of my age listen to KISS... That's sad, KISS must continue to be heard and for ever ! Thanks so much for your music, for your work during all this time, I dream to see you in real. All (old) fans was made for lovin KISS. A young french fan ;)
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