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KISS fan from Serbia

Posted on 06/03/2013
Hi, My name is Boban Lukic, Iím 28 years old. Iím from a small town Kikinda, Serbia, Europe. Iím a big Kiss fan since 1997., when Kiss was on a big European reunion tour. That year Kiss came to Belgrade, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). I didnít go to the concert, because Iíve heard that the concert will be cancled. The concert was held, and I was informed about that next day on TV. I was very sad and disappointed. In 2008. I finally went to Kiss concert in Sofia, Bulgaria. After that I saw Kiss two more times In Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia 2010. Iíve planned to go on any Kiss concert this year in Europe (in Vienna, Austria), but Iím not in financial situation to do that. Iím very sad because Iíll miss one more spectacle. Despite I will not go to the concert, my friend decided to make me one Kiss tattoo on my back. It will be my seventh Kiss tattoo. Probably, Iíll never have a chance to see Kiss alive again, but that doesnít meen that Iíll stop doing Kiss tattooes. Best wishes from Boban Lukic
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