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KISS albums re-releases

Posted on 06/01/2013
Hi Kiss, I have been a Kiss fan since the release of Kiss Alive II. Even tho Eric Carr will always be my drumming idol and miss him dearly, I believe that the current Kiss line up is the absolute greatest. Tommy and Eric are simply the most talented players as well as singers and in my opinion Eric IS the Catman and Tommy IS the Spaceman. I would like to know what you all would think on re-releasing all of you albums except the solo's as double albums? CD 1 would be a re-master of the original, and CD 2 would be of the same songs in order except all the songs being live with the current line-up. Eric singing the songs Peter Criss sang and Tommy singing the songs Ace Frehley sang. I know as a long time fan I would eat those CD's up, and I am sure all of the die hard Kiss fans would do the same. Please consider this, I have thought on this for a long time and always wondered what a lot of these songs would sound like. Hearing "Love Her All I Can" live on "Rock The Nation" was mind blowing. The idea of this became even stronger when Huey Lewis and the News re-released "Sports" for it's 30th anniversary and added the second CD of all the same songs in order live. Thanks for listening John Williams
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